House of Hope



Love Sheffield, Love people...

House of Hope provides emergency food and support to local people experiencing a crisis.

We collect donations for the House of Hope Food Bank

The items we require are:
  • Milk (UHT or powder
  • Sugar (500g)
  • Fruit juice cartons
  • Pasta sauce
  • Sponge pudding (Tinned)
  • Tomatoes (Tinned)
  • Cereals
  • Rice pudding (Tinned)
  • Tea bags/ Instant coffee
  • Instant mash potatoes
  • Rice/pasta
  • Tinned meat/fish
  • Tinned vegetables/fruits
  • Tinned baked beams
  • Jam
  • Biscuits or snaks bars

131 Guildford Avenue
Norfolk Park
S2 2PR
Tel:0114 2760603